so that I can kneel beside you. I lean close to you and tak


I wipe the tears away from my eyes and bend my frail old legs down to the floor, as I tell you how beautiful she looks today in her pretty dress and red shiny shoes,孤侣何伤! As we grew old together。


这样就能凑在你的身边, as I clumsily held him for the very first time in my arms. I watched as your laughter faded into tears。


Do you remember how I panicked like a mad man when Jonathon was born? I can still picture you laughing and smiling at me now。


总是盼望那样的日子生生世世,现在我已衰老不堪, Goodbye, she reminds me so much of you that first day we met. She has her hair cut short now,以至于没有你我将无以度日,他们要和你道别了, I am sad that you had to leave me, I know you are tired。

I only see your sweet tender lips and youthful sparkling eyes as we sat and had out first picnic next to that small stream。

I would tease you that you had not changed since we first met,这竟然也和当年的你一模一样,小家伙今天穿着美丽的裙子和闪亮的红色小鞋, just like yours used to do, 。

在那棵巨大的老橡树周围追逐嬉戏,这情景仿佛我们第一次在那条小溪边野餐,也情不自禁地涌出了开心的泪花,你轻轻地把我的手放在你的腹前,让人不忍回首 I must go now, and chased each other around that big old oak tree. I remember wishing those first few days together would last forever. Do you remember how exciting and wonderful those days were? 这些年我们相濡以沫。

真让人难以置信, and I must let you go. But I love you so much it hurts to do so. 亲爱的,经典语录 爱情诗句,可亲爱的,这是千真万确的,最后一次吻你柔软的嘴唇,亲爱的,我应该走了, 似水流年(二) I remember being so over-enjoyed,我不得不强忍着眼泪告诉你,将虚弱的两条老腿跪在地板上,而我应该让你离开,。

却只能看到你娇嫩温柔的红唇和秋水流盼的双眸, my darling wife. 再会了,我的确看不到在他人眼中你的皱纹和白发, Sarah and Tom arrived this morning with little Tessie. Can you remember how we both hugged each other tightly when we saw our tiny granddaughter for the first time? I can't believe she will be eight next month. I am trying not to cry, I know it won' t be long before we meet again in that small caf6 in Hanover Square. 我想不会很久, Sleep peacefully my dear. 亲爱的, you gently held my hand to your waist and whispered in my ear that we were going to be a family. 一年之后, when a year later,你还记得吗?那些曰子是多么激情荡漾, waiting. 我知道我们的两个孩子都深深地爱你,对此我已心满意足,她下个月就八岁了, but please don't worry. I am content,可是爱人即逝,内心空乏, my darling. 今天早晨, as I stared at him and cried my own tears of joy. 你还记得乔纳森出生的时候我像疯子一样惊慌失措的样子吗?我现在还能描绘出当我笨拙地把他抱在怀里时你笑话我的样子,正像当初年轻时候的你,看上去多么漂亮啊!她让我全然想起我们第一次相遇时的你,我总是逗你说你的容颜依然如昔,白首到老,她现在留着短发,她的笑容将我重重包围, so that I can kneel beside you. I lean close to you and take hold of your hand and kiss your tender lips for the very last time. 我擦去了眼角的泪水,我的爱妻, my love, I know both our children love you dearly; they are outside the door now, my darling. Our children are waiting outside. They want to say goodbye to you. 亲爱的,我们俩紧紧地拥抱在一起,我们的孩子都等在外面,我记得那时候我们刚刚在一起,我们就能在汉诺威广场的那间小咖啡馆里再次相逢,对着我的耳朵悄悄透露那个让我欣喜若狂的好消息:我们就快有宝宝啦, But it is true, knowing I will be with you soon. I am too old and too empty now to live much longer without you. 这种分离扯碎了我的心, my darling. I do not see the wrinkles and grey hair that other people see. When I look at you now。

just like yours was all those years ago. When I met her at the door her smile wrapped around me like a warm glove,他们现在就在门外等候着,我看着你的笑意渐渐混合着泪水;我又看着他,现在我望着你,让我轻轻靠近你并握住你的手,我知道你累了,当我在门口看到她的时候,经典语录 散文随笔, my dear,萨拉和汤姆带着小缇西也赶到了。

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